Saturday, 3 October 2009

Soft & Glorious

So for the past week I’ve been using a few new beauty products to try and regenerate my tired haggard skin which I’ve been seriously neglecting recently. I’ve been relying on old bottles of moisturiser, special offer face washes and free samples to complete my skincare routine over the past few months and its taken its toll.

I’ve noticed an increase in spots, something i’m very lucky not to have a lot of but recently I seem to always have at least one. And my actual skin has been greasy, blotchy, and dry all at the same time which is fairly impressive, though not the best for feeling comfortable with ones self. Having to resort to wearing cream based Foundations, my preference being a light mineral based powder, this attack of heavy makeup has left my skin feeling very abused and I’ve decided its time to correct the situation. 

After a panicked (rushed) search in Boots I spotted some Soap & Glory products and thought I’d give them a go. I’d used a friend’s face wash once and liked it, so, despite being out of my normal price range even on special offer (lol yes I am that cheap) I thought I’d invest in my own.

I bought the Catch a Wrinkle in Time Age Avoiding Day Moisturiser, Supereyes Moisturising Eye Gel & Self-Activating Facial Smoother Exfoliator (actually called the greatest scrub of all self-activating facial smoother, but I thought that might seem like some sort of declaration from myself).

I’m really happy with how my skin feels after using these products this week and although its still not quite recovered yet i’m happy with the direction its moving and was even able to go to work today without any Foundation or powder… just a little concealer ;)

So although this isn’t a product for life (don’t you hate it when a product gets discontinued or how your skin adapts to something and all of a sudden doesn’t work anymore!) its good for now and good enough to recommend if you’re in the market for a new range to try out.