Tuesday, 3 November 2009

1 month later

Its been exactly a month since my last post and its been a pretty average month. well… sort of. I turned 24 and had a great week and a bit celebrating, my birthday celebrations always turn into week long affairs as I've so many different pockets of friends that i like to keep happy and we end up doing different things. I had a visit from an old friend at this time and introduced her to the live stylings of A Plastic Rose & Mojofury at the Take Back City Hall reopening gig and then we topped her visit off by seeing Green Day play at the odyssey. The tickets weren’t the best. we were seated along the back wall just a few rows from dead last. but the show was amazing and we had a fantastic time!

I’ve ended up in A&E twice in the past month. that makes 3 times in 6 weeks if anyone’s counting. Although only the first time was actually me. averaging once every 2 weeks though. bit high for my liking.

Music I've been listening to is like always a lot of Local Norn Iron music, specifically Colenso Parade, A Plastic Rose & General Fiasco because I have their new CDs in my car and have been doing a lot of driving. My spotify discovery of the month has to be Sia. I’ve been listening to her constantly and loving the diversity of her music.

For the future I have a few things planned. Tomorrow I’m going to see the return of Mental Deficiency in Lavery’s. Then on Friday I have an operation in the Royal. Further down the line I’m planning on seeing several comedy gigs yet to be decided on and in the realms of live music the two major and majorly different acts I’m planning to see is And So I Watch You From Afar (Ulster Hall in December) & Lady Gaga (Belfast Odyssey, February ‘10)

That’ll do for now don’t want to get too rambley when I've nothing to actually say. I’ll do my best to post something interesting and constructive soon.


Actually I've thought of 2 more things.

Firstly song of the month for me is Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Secondly this month the first episode of the NI Chart Podcast was released and it has filled the void that was left when Panic Dots (formerly NI Podcast) went a new direction. I thoroughly recommend this to everyone to check out whats new and good for Northern Irish Music.


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