Friday, 14 August 2009

Please Reply

I'm fully aware that i'm at the bottom of a very steep ladder and one which is hard to even get on never mind climb. So i am not yet at the point where people are contacting me for work. i wish i was. life would be so much easier. unfortunately i'm having to listen intently to the grapevine (something else i'm very low down on) for any hints of work and then search fervently for contact details so that i can send my painstakingly thought out emails basically begging for an interview so that i can meet them in person. I fully confident that once i get to meet the person i can win the job. i'm pretty good with people. I'm polite, well spoken (when i want to be) intelligent, and good at what i do, when i finally get a chance to do what i do what i'm good at. However one thing that i've noticed in these searches for employment is just the sheer amount of people who ignore your requests. You'd think an employer or company would be grateful that a person has searched them out beyond the normal channels and sent them a personal message. But the lack of response is astounding. I know they've all been in my position. This is a hard industry to get work and the Northern Ireland media community is a small industry with a relatively large population so that in some ways makes it more difficult.
But surely it hasn't been so long that a small concise email reply simply saying "thankyou for a query but i'm afraid we cant help you at this time" is too much to ask for? I'm not asking you to instantly give me an interview just because i have emailed you. i'm not asking for the job straightaway. just a small acknowledgement that you've read my email would be nice. please.

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