Sunday, 16 August 2009

Re Made

I'm sitting watching an 80's remake of King Kong with Jeff Bridges and the guy who played Odo in Star Trek - Deep Space 9. I've never seen the film before although I've seen all the parodies and homage's to it. Its cheesy and its filled with Violin heavy orchestrations which remind me of old James Bond movies. The script at times is laughable but the effects of the Kong character are great! Its a great film and i'm absolutely loving it... so why did Peter Jackson have to go and make that awful Remake? I read the other day an announcement that the classic 80's Brat Pack movie St Elmo's Fire is being made into a TV series by That 70's Show alum Topher Grace. This was the latest announcement in a long line of Hollywood's recycling phase. I wonder if they realise that going Green means recycling paper and plastic not scripts and films.

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